Galaxy S3 goes back to the o2 shop!

On Tuesday February 5th I took my phone back to the o2 store.

Service was great and they said my phone would be away a maximum of 4 days. Wow.

It was sent to Anovo. A quick search on the web started to fill me with a bit of fear but the service seemed to be great.

The tracking system was brilliant. The next day I saw my phone allocated to an engineer. Go through various stages and then finally, repair complete, sending back to customer.

Fantastic. It would be available the very next day.

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Freezing Galaxy S3 – The start of a nightmare or a top class customer experience

After having my Samsung Galaxy s3 for 6 months it started misbehaving. It started with the odd freeze here and there. Then the freezing began to get worse and worse.

I’m a bit techy but decided against rooting this thing or installing any custom roms. I wasn’t bored enough with it yet to do that.

So as this was getting worse I was hoping for an o2 update that might fix it.

Pretty much the next day, lo and behold, there was an update.

So I applied the update via Kies and the freezing was even worse.

No bother. Factory reset. I did this. I restored all my apps. Freezing again.

OK, factory reset again, restore no apps, plain factory install, no updates.

Thought all was well but after a couple of hours more freezing.

So it was off to the o2 shop for repair.

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