Got my phone back….STILL BROKEN

Enough is enough.

For the second time I have collected my ‘repaired’ phoned only to find it exhibits the same fault within 2 minutes of collection.

The same, useless letter accompanied my phone. This time made worse by telling me they’d updated my phone to the latest software. In actual fact it’s an older version they’ve put on. And it still freezes!

The robots at the o2 shop can’t even feign sympathy, just that they are only an intermediary and can’t help beyond sending it back again.

I actually phoned Anovo to see what they had done to the handset, and wow..

They’ve changed the following componenents…

A number of parts of the mainboard

…..something next to the battery…

….something to do with the usb connector

….the keypad…

Hang on I say…this thing hasn’t got a keypad…

Oh well…it’s all in engineer talk, I can’t really understand it replies the operative.

What next

I can now either continue via the o2 process and get a refurbished handset. Alternatively I      can go through Samsung and hope they fix it first time or take into account process with o2 and go straight to a brand new replacement.

This is the worst experience I’ve had with a mobile since first getting on the bandwagon in 1996.

I’ve had smartphones since about 2003 and again, never had such an issue with a handset.

I think I’m going to go with Samsung on this one.

If anybody gets my phone as a refurb, god help them. It’s my fear of their repair process that puts me off a refurb.

Anyway, when I’m in town tomorrow, and the o2 shop is just there, and I’ll probably end up doing the wrong thing.

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