Not happy. No fault found.

So today I logged on to see what was going on.

First the self-service portal said ‘Bounce Analysis’.

Ok that sounds good. They’ll be analysing why the fault wasn’t fixed first time and sort it out.

About 5 o clock I checked again.

‘No fault found – contacting customer with options’

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 21.00.30

I’m looking forward to finding out what these options are.

So far, almost a week in, I am no closer to having this resolved.

I phoned o2 and they say if it has an attempted repair 3 times they will replace the device.  This will be a refurbished device which I’m not adverse to but I want one in the pristine condition I have kept mine.

Incidentally the o2 ‘guru’ said that a refurbished device is allowed one defect!

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