Thursday February 7th – collecting my phone

I went to collect my phone from the o2 store on Thursday February 7th. Very impressed at the quick turn around. I left the store and popped in the SIM card as I walked away and went to grab a coffee. As my phone booted up, it asked for the google account details which I entered. A moment later my phone froze – and then I froze.

Back to the o2 shop I berated the fact that it appeared no repair had taken place beyond what I had done, a factory reset.

They were apologetic and said they would send the phone off for repair and this time ask for a replacement.

I got another receipt. When I went back to the office I noticed they had stated it was white. Mine was actually blue.

I went back and asked them to reissue the ticket with the correct colour to avoid any confusion later.

They did this but replaced the note requesting a replacement with one simply saying I was not satisfied with the repair as it had frozen again.

OK, I thought. So what. Leave it at that.

To be honest at this point I’m wondering whether I should have gone through Samsung’s service.

But anyway I left it and looked forward to a repair the next day

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